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by Ron Meloche

Gallery 9926 is full service pen repair shop
that specializes in Parker Vacs and Sheaffer Vacs.


Pen Repair

he price of the repair includes all seals, sacs, and gaskets. Included also is a complete cleaning of the pen. A mild polish protecting all imprints and trim. This step can be eliminated at the request of the owner. Any other parts that may be needed would only be used with the consent of the owner who I will call or e-mail for prior approval to installing. Payment is due upon return of pen or pens I ship priority mail unless instructed to do other wise. If owner wants insurance, please stipulate. I charge only actual shipping cost back to you.

Price examples
  • Button, coin, lever, hatchet, Sac, crescent, blow fillers and the like:
  • Parker Vacuum fill New diaghram:
  • Sheaffer Vacuum fill Newplunger washer and packing unit
   (I use David Nishimura's units for this repair):
  • Sheaffer Snorkel New sac, gaskets and "O" ring:
  • Piston Fillers (cork seal) Fit and replace seal:
  • Cartridge pens clean, polish:
  • Seal crack in plastic single crack:
  • Multiple cracks:
  • Remove inscription:
  • Nib and ink flow adjustment:
  • Straightening nib:
  • Grinding nib stub, oblique Italic, and Italic stub:
  • Smoothing nib, aligning tines:


9926 Maine Ave
Lakeside CA 92040