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anfangelcome to the ultimate Parker fountain pen site for collectors. This site is run by the Swedish pen collector, Tony Fischier, and is dedicated to the collectors of the wonderful pens that The Parker Pen Company have been making for over a century.

I also buy and sell selected pens, including broken pens and parts, since I also repair my own pens.

parker #16 baby red hard rubber filigree

A red hard rubber Parker #16 Baby Lucky Curve in gold filled filigree from about 1910.

Image © Tony Fischier

anfanghis is one of the oldest online sites about Parker fountain pen, ball pen, roller ball, and pencil collecting, and the one with the most extensive information about Parker fountain pens. The first site was launched already in 1995 under the name Hot Fountain pens. Nowadays you will find the site at and

Click here to see how the site looked in 1996.
Unfortunately it's the oldest version I have saved.

Parker Arrow Park Parker Arrow Park

Parker pen factory in Janesville, 1930's and 1980's.

Images ©

Updated Oct 2019

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Dec 2019: Parker "45" updated with lots of new pictures and info
Nov 2019: Parker "35" updated with lots of new pictures
Oct 2019: New! The Parker Stumpy/Shorty
Oct 2019: Began updating site to work better on mobile devices

From TIME magazine June 7 1954:
In Janesville, Wis., the Parker Pen Co. received a note from a school principal: "I want to thank you for your kindness when we visited your splendid plant . . . I am returning two fountain pens two of my students picked up while we were making the tour."
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